Discovery optimization relies on 'discovery_device_history' records to prevent Discovery from repeatedly scanning the same device if it has multiple IP addresses. However, an error in handling 'discovery_device_history' records causes the relevant ECC queue input to fail to be marked for processing. As a result, the Discovery schedule can't progress if it encounters a device with multiple IP addresses, and times out.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have a network switch or other CI with multiple IP addresses on one device.

  2. Include the network switch in a Discovery schedule.

  3. Run the Discovery schedule.


Option 1:

Ensure the Discovery schedule contains no CIs with multiple IP addresses. If a CI has multiple IP addresses, put each in a different Discovery schedule.

Option 2:

(Note this workaround has a performance impact as it may discover same device multiple times.)

Disable the Optimization option by setting the System property "glide.discovery.device.duplicate.ip.optimization = false". If the property does not exist, navigate to System Properties > All Properties > NEW > name: glide.discovery.device.duplicate.ip.optimization , Type = True| False , value = false.

Related Problem: PRB1319717

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Fixed In

London Patch 8
Madrid Patch 3
New York

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