As per Configure List control document, user who had "personalize_list" role can configure the list. This article details on how to identify the user who modified the specific related list configuration. 


Lets consider a scenario, where "ITIL" user has configured the "Incident Task" related list layout so that few new columns are added and existing columns are removed as shown in the below screenshot.

Now to find out who modified the "Incident Tasks" related list configurations, please follow below steps,

  1. Navigate to "System UI => Views" (to access this application menu, user should have admin access)
  2. Open the default view record (which has name = (empty) & Title = Default view)
  3. On the Default view record, navigate to "Lists" related list and filter for "Table = Incident_task" and "parent = Incident"
  4. This will filter the "Incident Task" related list record
  5. The "updated" and "updated by" field will reveal what time "Incident Task" related list was update and updated by which user.

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Any supported versions.

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