Cloud  Management Platform, Cloud providers like AWS and Azure will only support Dynamic IP assignment, hence CMP is designed in OOB support to pass the parameters at ResourceBlock level for DHCP by default.

Vcenter datacenter, OpenStack or any other Linux based Cloud vendors, might also need to have behavior from CMP to choose the type of Network IP assignment either Dynamic or Static, this article will demonstrate on how to pass the parameters to have a Static IP address at Blueprint so the Stack provision with Static IP.


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Cloud Management Platform V2


  1. Impersonate to a user who has privileges to create/edit a blueprint (sn_smp_cloud_admin or sn_cmp_service_designer)
  2. Verification: 
    • Navigate to "" and make sure there is one Cloud account available
      • https://<instance-name>
    • Navigate to "" and verify one Vcenter Datacenter is available 
      • https://<instance-name>
  3. Navigate to Cloud Admin Portal > Design > BlueprintCreate new
  4. Blueprint resources > Datacenter, Virtual Machine and Blueprint container
  5. Once the Blueprint created > Select Operations > Select Provision > Click on Virtual Server Operations.

  6. Once clicked on Provision for Virtual server Right side we can the input parameters
  7. Input parameters verify for the IPAddress entry
  8. By default, the IPaddress parameter is "${parameter.Virtual_Server_IPAddress}" which represents to have Dynamic
  9. Change the IPAddress parameter
    • from: ${parameter.Virtual_Server_IPAddress}
    • to: IPAssignMode=pre;IPAddress=;Netmask=;Gateway=;DNS1=;DNS2=;MacAddress=

Note : All the above details must need be passed as parameters at Blueprint, and the Blueprint need to published successfully so the ResourceBlock would store the details, it will not be possible to enter these details  before provision the stack at User Portal launching the stack as the Static IP mechanism is not supported by CMP code yet.   

  • Save the Input Parameter
  • Publish the catalog 
  • Navigate to Cloud User Portal and  provision the VM 
  • Log into the  newly provisioned VM and verify the Static Parameters 

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