When trying to edit values in a condition builder field (such as the Template field in a template record) it's not editable as the field would either show the encoded queries only or the desired fields are not selectable (not showing) on the drop-down.


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The current application scope is different from the record's scope that contains the condition builder field(s).


For existing records that contain the condition builder field:
- It's displaying the encoded string instead of the actual condition builder is because the record is read only. This is because it's in a different scope from the scope that the user has currently selected.
- For example, if template record ABC has the scope of 'global' and the current scope is something else then that template ABC is read only. The user would need to switch his/her scope to 'global' or click on the link that says "This record is in the Global application, but [your scope] is the current application. To edit this record click here."

For new record that contains the condition builder field:
- Relevant fields to the table don't show up because of 'save_as_template' ACLs on the table.
- For scoping it'd need the 'save_as_template' ACLs for the relevant fields for them to show up in the condition builder.
- The following all fields level 'save_as_template' ACL can be created to resolve this issue:
Name: <table_name>.*
Operation: save_as_template
Type: record

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More information regarding Application scoping

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