This article describes some ways that can be used to automatically redirect users who land on any Content Management Site (CMS) pages to Service Portal.

This is particular useful to make sure that users who are still using the legacy CMS (either from a bookmark, direct link, etc.) are now redirected to Service Portal and are using it moving forward.


There are three options to go around implementing this auto-redirection:

1) Modify the Layout (which is just an UI Macro) of the CMS page to contain the following code:




An example:

  1. Navigate to the CMS 'home' page.
  2. Under the Layout field if it's using the OOB layout it should be the "CMS 1 Column". Click on the "i" icon to go to that UI macro.
  3. At the bottom of the XML script, but before the </j:jelly> part, put the above code

Visit the following community post for the same steps as well:


2) Create a custom global UI script do the redirect when it detects the URL to contain /your_cms_suffic.

The following community post can be used as a guideline on how to accomplish this:


3) Modify the CMS page(s) to have a container (add an additional content block) that says "Go to the new portal. Click here" (or something similar). The link would contain the link to Service Portal page (i.e. /sp).


Applicable Versions

All versions that use CMS and Service Portal

Additional Information

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Creating a global UI Script

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