Data in cmdb health result table has 'active' set to 'False'.


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When the Health Jobs are running all the records in the Health Result Table are set to False by default.


Once all the Metrics are completed successfully then Active flag sets it back to True. If the metrics are in Max Failures, Daily timeout pause, or/and incomplete then the result Active flag is false.

Additional Information

Once the Health jobs gets triggered, It checks the status of the last run from cmdb_health_metric_status. If the status is in progress within last 24 hours Clean up hung status records, and then cmdb_health_metric_status will be filled with "in progress" status. After that cmdb_health_processor_status records are wiped and new ones are added in Draft State. Finally, async job is triggered for each sub-metric(Duplicate, Staleness, and Orphan). Throughout the process results in cmdb health result table has 'active' set to 'False' till the metric status is Completed.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:56:12