When on database views, tables involved may be a mix of domain separated and non-separated. The system then calculates domain spooling rather than domain path, generating the query against the [sys_domain] table, which may impact performance.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Install the plugins Domain Separation - Domain Support - Domain Extensions Installer [com.glide.domain.msp_extensions.installer].
2. Domain separate the kb_knowledge table (Ref.: Add a domain field to a table).
3. Create a new Database view (my_db_view).
4. Add two tables in the view: kb_knowledge (domain separated), sys_properties (not separated).
5. Add the [sys_id] fields to both tables.
6. Add the [sys_domain] and [sys_domain_path] fields to the kb_knowledge table.
7. Go to background scripts and run following command:

The output result is: *** Script: Domain Spool. This means the query runs against [sys_domain] instead of [sys_domain_path], so impacting performance.


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As a workaround to prevent Domain spooling, keep all tables in Database view as Domain separated and make sure sys_domain is always set to Global. 


Related Problem: PRB1321137

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