Certain users, like the approver on a request, are not able to download the attachment from the activity stream of the approval form (or any other record) in the Service Portal.


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The issue may occur due to the approver not having enough roles to grant read access on the [sys_attachment] table.


This is a customization to alter OOB system behavior. Customization and implementation assistance are out of the scope of support and the customized scripts, if any, will be skipped during an upgrade.

As a workaround to this, a read ACL can be created on the [sys_attachment] table that would allow users to access the sys_attachment record, subsequently letting the affected user download the record.

  1. Go to sys_security_acl.list (System security > Access control)
  2. Create a new READ type ACL on [sys_attachment] (sys_attachment.none), allowing users to provide read access to sys_attachment records.

The above workaround grants access to the sys_attachment table. Make sure to have thorough testing done to ensure it does not interfere with any other business logic.

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