Label variable in Wizard is not hiding when it is followed by two or more checkbox variables.

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This behaviour is OOB (Out of Box) and is expected (further explanation below).


Per the above, the behavior is reproducible in an OOB instance by creating a Wizard with its panels, variables, and even a Client Script in an attempt to hide the label variable. 

The Client Script did not work to hide the variable (g_form.setDisplay(); was used). Even attempting to use DOM manipulation failed (note: DOM manipulation is not supported) via $("label_IO:ba6f04c4135a6700b59e3a918144b0de").hide();.

The behavior faced only happens when a label is followed by checkbox variables - otherwise, the variable is successfully hidden by the g_form Client Script.

Trying to delete the label variable simply makes the same area say "Options" instead of the previous value.

When there is a label variable and two or more checkbox variables which follow it, the system seems to default to using the label name as the "header" (in place of "Options") above those checkboxes.

When the label variable is deleted, the system uses the default "header" of "Options" in its place.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround to this behavior.

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Last Updated:2020-09-18 11:40:39