A task_sla record's Breach time is not being calculated correctly based on the schedule set in the SLA Definition

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System property "com.snc.sla.schedule.source" is set to a custom value of "task.u_schedule".

This means that the system will not use the Schedule set on the SLA Definition, but rather whatever Schedule is populated in the task record's "u_schedule" field.


As a result of having the above system property set to a custom value ("task.u_schedule"), the task_sla record is pulling the schedule set on the task record, "M-Sa 6:30-22:00, Su 7:30-22:00" versus the schedule set on the SLA Definition, which the user is expecting to be used, "M-F 7:30-18:00, Sa-Su Closed".

Again, this is because the system is defaulting to the Schedule value set in the property ("task.u_schedule").

This is corroborated in documentation for system property "com.snc.sla.schedule.source" ( ref: SLA Engine Properties ) which says that whenever any task_sla record is created, use whatever Schedule that system property points to, whether to the OOB (Out of Box) "sla.schedule" (the SLA Definition's "Schedule" field), or the user's custom value, "task.u_schedule".

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Last Updated:2020-09-18 11:48:06