Info button (Reference Icon) on dashboard/homepage list reports is not working as expected. When clicking on the reference icon to bring up the popup view, the page freezes.




  • No sys_popup view has been created for the record's table
  • Variable "PPM checklist" is causing the reference icon to break


After further research and testing, The reason why the reference icon is breaking is because of the variable "PPM Checklist" in your pm_project_task record "default view". In our documentation on "Configure the fields in the pop-up for a reference icon" 

KB0700675 - Configure the fields in the pop-up for a reference icon 

We state "You can use the sys_popup form view to configure the fields in the pop-up that appears when pointing to a reference icon. If the table has no sys_popup view, the pop-up uses use the default view." 

Since the table pm_project_task does not have a sys_popup view, it is using the default view as it's popup view. Removing the PPM Checklist variable and the popup view when clicking on the reference Icon is working fine now. 

Please keep in mind you will need to do the same for any reference Icons that are breaking. For example I notice that the reference icon is also breaking for records in the sc_task table. In order to resolve this issue. Please create a sys_popup view for the sc_task table and remove the "PPM checklist" variable. 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:56:33