Creating a successful Compute Security Group (CSG) needs Compute Security Group Templates and Template rules. See also: How to create Compute Security Group Template and Template Rules (KB0722444)


  1. Impersonate a user who has the appropriate roles to create and edit Blueprints and Resource Profiles (sn_cmp.cloud_admin).
  2. Navigate to the Cloud Admin Portal
    • Cloud Admin Portal > Manage > Resource Profiles
  3. On the Resource Profile page > Profiles (Drop down) > Choose “Computer Security Group Profile

  4. Click on New
  5. The page will redirect to provide details of the new CSG Profile 

  6. Fill in the details in the fields:
    • Name: Any preferred name
    • Description: Optional
  7. Open the newly created CSG Profile (below)
  8. In the Related links, click New to create Security Group Mappings 
    The Page will redirect to provide details for the new mapping.

  9. Fill in the details and click Submit:
    • Cloud Account: Choose the Cloud account where you need to create the CSG
    • Location: Specify the location of the Cloud Account
    • CSG Template: Associate the available CSG or create a new one


Additional Information

  • Tables associated with Compute Security Group
    • Compute Security Group Profile: sn_cmp_security_grp_profile
    • Security Group Profile Mappings: sn_cmp_sec_grp_profile_mapping
    • Compute Security Group Template: cmdb_ci_security_grp_template
    • Compute Security Group Rule Templates: sn_cmp_sec_grp_rule_template
  • Product Documentation

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