When configuring the Activity Formatter to not display Journal Fields, this also affects the Ticket Conversation widget on Service Portal. If the Activity Formatter in the Desktop UI is configured via system property to omit a journal field, the ticket-conversation widget also omits it.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Open an incident record.
2. Place in Comments and Work Notes, then save the record.
3. Ensure that the comments and work notes appear in the Activities for that record.
4. Open the same record in Service Portal on a different browser tab ( /sp?sys_id=<Sys_id>&id=ticket&table=incident ).
5. Make sure that the comments and work notes are appearing on the Conversation widget.
6. Return to the incident record tab.
7. Personalise the available fields on the activities formatter.
8. Remove 'Additional comments' or 'Work notes'.
9. Return to the Service Portal tab and refresh the page.

Observe the Ticket Conversation Widget on Service Portal does not display the Additional comments and Work Notes.


This is by design. This problem is under review as a future product enhancement. You can Subscribe to this article to receive notifications when more information will become available.

The system property glide.ui.[table]_activity.fields is dynamically generated and modified by the individual user's [table].activity.filter User Preference, in case they have optionally configured their activity formatter to omit specific fields.

Related Problem: PRB1295384

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