After changing a field type to string from reference, the field values show 32-character sysid instead of the usual text values.
For instance, the field 'model_id' is changed to a string type from reference type. As a result, in the 'cmdb_ci_computer table', the field 'model_id' has 32-character sysid values instead of the model name.
Steps To Reproduce

1. Go to the table 'cmdb' and identify the desired column; 'model_id' is used in this example.
2. Change the column type to string from reference as shown in the following screenshot, that shows 'model_id' as an example:

3. Query the 'cmdb_ci_computer' table and check the values for the desired column, 'model_id' is shown in this example.
32-character sysid values are returned instead of text, as shown in the below screenshot:



In order to resolve this issue, please follow the below steps:
1) Change the type of the column to reference and give the reference a value,  product model in this example, on table 'cmdb'.


2) Check the values of the desired field, model_id shown as an example, on table 'cmdb_ci_computer'. The 32-character sysid will be replaced with an actual value, model name in this example, as shown below:

Additional Information

Before implementing any changes in a production instance, please test and verify in a sub-production instance.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:56:37