UI Policy Actions on certain types of variables may conflict with other UI Policies or Client Scripts, causing these to not work correctly on Catalog Items or RITM/SCTASK forms.

Some UI Policy Actions are documented as not supported for formatter type variables:

"Limited UI policy functionality applies to the following variables:

  • The Mandatory and Read Only policy do not apply to the following variable types: Break, Container Split, Container End, UI Macro, UI Macro with Label, Label, UI Page.
  • The Set visible policy does not apply to the following variable types: Break, Container Split, Container End."

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Create a Catalog Item with variables having containers.
2 - Write an onLoad UI Policy which hides the formatter variables.

Observe the error message showing:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasAttribute' of null
at e.getParentContainerId (js_includes_catalog.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115&lp=Tue_Oct_16_04_18_49_PDT_2018&c=21_267:4844)
at e.setCatalogDisplay (js_includes_catalog.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115&lp=Tue_Oct_16_04_18_49_PDT_2018&c=21_267:3141)
at e.setDisplay (js_includes_catalog.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115&lp=Tue_Oct_16_04_18_49_PDT_2018&c=21_267:3264)
at e._runAction (ui_policy.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115:649)
at e.runActions (ui_policy.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115:605)
at e.runPolicy (ui_policy.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115:37)
at e.runPolicyOnLoad (ui_policy.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115:32)
at ui_policy_onLoad (ui_policy.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115:821)
at runBeforeRender (js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115&lp=Tue_Oct_16_04_18_49_PDT_2018&c=21_267:402)
at z_last_include.jsx?v=09-11-2018_1115:32


This issue is fixed in Madrid. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.

If removing the variables from the UI Policies is not a viable option, apply the following workaround:

  1. Navigate to sys_properties.list
    2. Click New
    3. Create the system property named ""
    4. Set the type to "True|False"
    5. Set the value to "false"
    6. Click Save

Related Problem: PRB1315239

Seen In

London Patch 3
London Patch 6

Fixed In

London Patch 9

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