If you've ever used the Investment Portal (Project > Investment Portal), you will notice listing of columns, known as Key tabs. They resemble a typical List Layout of fields and values.

To personalize the Key tabs you see, click the 'Customize' icon.  After updating the personalized view of this list, you will notice that the column layout does not stick. To do this, you must update the default layout via the pm_console settings.

To update the default layout of these Key tabs, please see below steps.


  1. Navigate to Project Administration > Setting > Planning Console
  2. Expand 'Context: Investment Portal - Overview'
  3. Open the 'Portfolio' Entity (Table=pm_portfolio)
  4. Scroll down to the 'Planning Console Display Column'
  5. Add the 'Hidden' column to the list layout 
  6. For fields you wish to hide on the default column layout on Investment Portal, select 'false' for Hidden
  7. For fields you wish to display on the default column layout, select 'true' for Hidden
  8. Click Green Checkmark to confirm


Applicable Versions

Any version/release with Project Investment Portal


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