ATF features provide flexibility in how you test your instance. Especially with Service Portal test customers can perform end-to-end testing for forms in Service Portal. 

  • Open a Service Portal form
  • Set field values on a form
  • Validate field values
  • Validate field states
  • Check UI action visibility
  • Click a UI action
  • Validate form submission

but these steps will not run on tables with name more than 40 characters. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a table with name more than 40 characters. for example: "sample_test_with_table_name_morethan_40_characters". 

2. Create an ATF test and click on "Add Test Step".

3. Select "Forms in Service Portal" and then "Open a Form(SP)" then proceed to Next.

4. Now select the table with more than 40 characters(sample_test_with_table_name_morethan_40_characters).

5. Now notice the Table name got trimmed to 32 characters and label name changes to "label".

So the ATF can not be run and an exception will come at the time of test execution. 


"Automated Service Portal test" has been introduced from London which has few standard steps as shown above and the behaviour you are seeing with table name more than 40 char is Out Of The Box behaviour.

This is how the system has been designed but there is a workaround for this.

Goto Filter Navigator and type Automated Test Frame work  -->Administration --> step configurations

Now show matching on Category= Service Portal

Find the below test steps

1. Open a Form (SP)

2. Set Field Values (SP)

3. Field Values Validation (SP)

4. Field State Validation (SP)

5. UI Action Visibility Validation (SP)

6. Click a UI Action (SP)

7. Submit a Form (SP)

Open each step in a new page and scroll down to the bottom so that you can see "input variables" Tab.

Now click on gear icon(personalize list) and select max length field to show it in the list.

You can observe the max length for Table is showing as 40 char.

You can change it to the required length(repeat the same for all the above steps) so that ATF test steps for "Forms in service portal" will allow the tables names with required length. 



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