The issue is that when you navigate to the Maintain Cart layouts module and make changes to the cart layout there, it does not reflect on Service Portal. For example, if the requirement is to display the Request Item number, and the following steps are taken it does not have any effect:

  1. Navigate to Service Catalog - Maintain Cart Layouts
  2. Target: Browser Screen > Order Status Screen
  3. Open the Columns tab
  4. Check the Request Item Number column and uncheck all the remaining checkboxes.
  5. Update
  6. Navigate to Service Portal's order status page, you will see that all the columns are visible and Request Item number is not.


Kingston and later.



The Cart Layouts from Maintain Cart Layout module do not reflect on Service Portal


to see the Requested Item number you won't need to make any changes to the widget as we provide that functionality through the widget Instance Options. 

To display the Request Item number, follow these steps: 

  1. Once you place an order and get redirected to the Order Status page, you will see "SC Order Status" Widget. 
  2. Press the control key and right click on this widget to open the portal menu.
  3. Click on Instance Options. 
  4. Check the "Display Request Item" checkbox. 
  5. Save

The Request item number will now display on the SC Order Status widget. 

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