Periodically an administrator of the system may want to re-order the ordering of the Homepages as they appear in the Homepage selection list.  By default the out-of-box Homepages have an ordering, however, this order can be adjusted by an administrator of the instance if needed.  How to modify this order may not necessarily be obvious, so this article will describe the steps that can be used to modify this ordering as needed.

Homepage selection list


The default ordering, as mentioned previously will be by the out-of-box value set in the Order field for each of these Homepages.  For Homepages that do not have a value in the Order field, these Homepages will be ordered before those with an ordering, and will be ordered amongst other Homepages without an Order value alphabetically from A to Z.  Also, any personal Homepages created will appear in a special section at the top of the list (above the scored line).  To change the order of one or more of these Homepages, the following steps can thus be used:

To begin, ensure you are logged into the instance with an account having admin rights to the instance.

Once logged into the instance, browse to the following location using the Menu Navigator: Homepage Admin -> Pages.

A list of pages will then appear.  Note that all the records in this list do not necessarily correspond to Homepages which would appear in a particular user's Homepage list.  Locate the specific page for which you want to change or modify the ordering.  In this list, locate the page you want to modify the ordering for and click the Information icon corresponding to this record such that the record will open for editing.

Modify the value in the Order field in relation to this value for the other Homepages that will be displayed to configure the page to display in the needed order on the page.  The values used should have an intervening gap, such that, if new Homepage records need to be added, they can be inserted amongst other pages as needed without requiring the entire list to be reordered again.

Updating the ordering for a Homepage record

After setting the Order page two the value needed to cause the record to appear in the proper place in the list, click the Update button to save the changes.

Repeat these steps for each Homepage that might appear in the list until you obtain the ordering waned for the Homepage list.  Note that this change is global and will thus change this ordering for all users of the system who can view those particular Homepages.

Modified Homepage list ordering

Additional Information

A similar procedure can also be used for ordering of Dashboards which are viewed in a Dashboards selection list.  The following article discusses the steps to modify the ordering of Dashboard records as might appear in a Dashboard selection list on an instance.

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