Using 'showFieldMsg()' function on a catalog item does not allow the form to be submitted in London service portal. 

For non-mandatory variables the type of 'error' for the function will prevent the form from being submitted, but not when the type 'info' is used.

For mandatory variables using either 'error' or 'info' types will prevent the form from being submitted.

Steps to Reproduce

- Open any catalog items.
- Create a checkbox variable (variable type can be anything) named "test"
- Create an onLoad client script with the following script.

function onLoad() {
//Type appropriate comment here, and begin script below
g_form.showFieldMsg('test', 'This is a test', 'error');
/* since variable is set to Mandatory in catalog item issue also occurs with usage of 'info' as per below.
g_form.showFieldMsg('test', 'This is a test', ‘info’);*/


- Open the catalog item in Service Portal and try to submit it.

Expected behavior: The catalog item is submitted as expected
Actual behavior: The catalog item does not get submitted and the following error message appears:
"The following fields contains error: test"

Please Note:
- This behavior is only affecting Service Portal and does not happen for the normal service catalog in Platform UI.
- For Mandatory variable types, issue occurs with usage of 'Error' or 'Info' in g_form.showFieldMsg
- For non-Mandatory variable types, issue only occurs with usage of 'Error' in g_form.showFieldMsg


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With non-mandatory variable types, as a workaround, use 'Info' as the type for g_form.showFieldMsg() function as per example below:

g_form.showFieldMsg('test', 'This is a test', 'info');


 Other than not using g_form.showFieldMsg() function, there is no workaround available currently for Mandatory variable types.

Related Problem: PRB1316836

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