Discovery application discovery via pattern fails with error "Application discovery using patterns failed due to lack of identification section containing an entry point of TCP or ALL"


To resolve the error, follow these steps (Using WMQ pattern as an example and the pattern already has TCP Endpoint entry point type):

  1. Go to "Pattern Designer > Discovery Patterns" and open the pattern throwing the error.
  2. Select an identification section where "Find Process Strategy" = "LISTENING_PORT" and click on the edit button.
  3. Add "TCP Endpoint to "Entry Point Types" or select "All". Click Done.
  4. Click on "Save" (to save the pattern) and "Publish".
  5. Click on the "Pattern" tab of the pattern and check that the pattern text was updated to reflect the change (look for entry_point).
  6. Open the pattern list, select a pattern, and from the drop down list click on "Synchronize with MID Servers".
  7. Pattern should no longer have this error before the identification is attempted.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:57:29
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