London: Service Portal does not honor the field attribute 'format=none' for an Integer field

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to any OOTB London Patch 2 instance.
  2. Create a new field of type Integer on the incident form.
  3. Add the new field to the Service Portal view.
  4. Configure the dictionary of the new field created and add the attribute "format" with the value "none".
  5. Create a new incident in the backend and when you fill in the new integer field with 1,000 you will see it will be changed to 1000 on save.
  6. Now try to create the incident from the portal using the url:
  7. Fill in the value in the new integer field as 2,000.

Expected behavior: The value changes to 2000 on save.
Actual behavior: The value remains as 2,000.


This issue has been fixed in London Patch 5 and Madrid.

Related Problem: PRB1316070

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Fixed In

London Patch 5

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