When a clone request is submitted, a Change Request in HI is autogenerated to track the cloning progress.

If a clone fails, sometimes the following error is generated in the change request:

"failure at 'buildExcludeTableList' activity: This exclude table entry matches(exact) 'sys_db_object': sys_db_object"

To address the error, please remove the Exclude tables list under System Clone (on source instance).

If sys_db_object or any table extending sys_db_object is listed in Exclude tables, the above error will be displayed. 


Steps to reproduce

Navigate to Source instance, System Clone ->Clone Definition-> Exclude tables.

Add a new record with table name: sys_metadata and save the record.

Go to System Clone -> Request Clone and submit a clone request for clone this source instance over any other target instance.

Change request is autogenerated in HI to track the cloning progress.

The clone will fail and display the following error in the change request: 

"failure at 'buildExcludeTableList' activity: This exclude table entry matches(exact) 'sys_db_object': sys_db_object"



Please remove or update the entries in the Exclude table list before requesting another clone.

Additionally, do not add any sys_metadata table entries to the Exclude tables list. 

NOTE: If the issue still hasn't been resolved, please raise an Incident in HI with Customer Support, provide the results of the above troubleshooting steps. 


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Additional Information

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