We have the SAVE Button visible only when we are performing the update operation on a form, But if we want to use the SAVE Button instead of the Save option in the context menu, please follow the below Steps to achieve this.


  1. Go to the UI Actions table and search for Save UI Action on the Global table. You can directly Navigate to them using the URL https://<InstanceName>
  2. Open the UI actions and Click on Form button checkbox.
  3. This should enable the Save Button across all the forms like Change, Problem, Incident irrespective of the Operation, let it be Insert or Updating the record the Save UI action will now be visible on the form.

You can follow the above steps to add any GLobal UI action.

We can use the same procedure as above to enable any UI action on a form as needed.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:57:48