One of the users is unable to remove a closed Connect Support case from the sidebar. The conversation appears back after refreshing the browser.


All available releases


The most probable cause is that the chat conversation might have been closed before the receiving chat agent accepts it.


Follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

1. Navigate to the chat record which is stuck (either by global search or the chat_queue_entry table)
2. Show XML and copy the sys_id value from the Group field.
3. Navigate to live_group_profile.list and search for sys_id = <the sys_id you got before>
4. Open that record and in the Members related list open the one for the agent.
5. This is the record which determines what shows in the agent's window so to remove it you need to set the state to Inactive and the Visibility to false. You may need to add these fields to the form.

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Last Updated:2019-01-28 12:11:36