Error: "Custom state "<custom_state>" is not mapped to any state bucket. Please contact System Administrator to verify the setup" is displayed when you select the affected custom state (or attempt to save Project record with said custom state).




Even though a new Choice field was created, the Dictionary Override record (specifically, the attribute field) must be updated/appended to a attribute state. Examples before have been successful when appending the 'work_in_progress_states' for choices like 'On Hold'. This Article will use 'On Hold' as an example, new custom choice.


Using the 'On Hold' Choice example, with the value of that choice being -11, do the following:

  1. Navigate to any Project
  2. Configure the Dictionary for the State field
  3. Scroll to Dictionary Overrides
  4. If not already existing for table 'pm_project', create a NEW record
  5. Table= pm_project
  6. Check 'Override attributes'
  7. To modify/configure for a Work in Progress state, add: work_in_progress_states=
  8. Locate the Value for your 'On Hold' state choice (We will use -11 as an example value)
  9. Update the attribute field of the Dictionary Override. The final attribute would appear like: ...work_in_progress_states=2;-11 (Note that '2' is the OOB value for the Work in Progress state choice)
  10. Save/Update



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This documentation discusses how to Customize a state for Project or Project Task

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