A private task record from Visual Task board application was assigned to an user "User A", but,

  • user couldn't find this task record on his visual task board and
  • couldn't access the record at the back-end.


Any supported release. 


  • The affected private task record was not mapped to any visual task board.
  • This causes the out of the of box "record/vtb_task/read" ACL to fail with script section though the user is assigned with the private task record.

Due to these reasons, the record doesn't appear on any Visual Task board for the user and user is unable to access it at the back-end.


In general, the vtb_task record will be associated with the vtb_card record, then this vtb_card record would be associated with vtb_board record.

  • Make sure the affected vtb_task record is associated with vtb_card record. You can do this via creating a new vtb_card record as admin and the associate the vtb_task record to it.
  • Later, associate the vtb_card record with the vtb_board record via vtb_board record's related list.

This should allow the out of the box "record/vtb_task/read" ACL to pass and allow assigned user to view the vtb_task record.

Below screenshots illustrates the relationship between the vtb_task, vtb_card and vtb_board records.

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