Initially ServiceNow MID Servers only supported our OpenJDK JRE from Madrid onward. Madrid is the version when we first started shipping this JRE as part of the Installer, and was what all MID Server-related release testing was done with.
Since London Patch 8 and Kingston Patch 14b Hot Fix1, the same OpenJDK JRE is included in those older versions, and can also be used with previous London and Kingston MID Servers.

MID Server Installer Java Runtime

Oracle 1.8.0_152 JRE (8u152) is Supported and Distributed with the MID Server installer. Previously releases included 8u60, 8u40, 6u45 & 6u14 and were the 'supported version' at the time, and would have been upgraded along with the MID Server. 
Kingston Patch 14 was the final Patch to include an Oracle JRE.

Kingston Patch 14b HotFix1 included the OpenJDK 1.8.0_181 JRE, as used in Madrid.

Kingston Patches 0-13, and Patch 14, 14a, can replace the Oracle JRE with our OpenJDK using:
KB0745163 MID Server download packages for installing OpenJDK on Windows and Linux hosts


No JRE is included in the full Installer ZIP file for London Patch 7 and below.
The minimum supported Oracle JRE is version 1.8.0_152 or higher Java 8 family. Customers had to install this first as per our docs and would therefore have to accept the licence agreement for the free Oracle Java SE 8 JRE to do that in their own name. Oracle no longer support this version though.

However, if the MID Server was installed <=Kingston, then an upgraded London MID Server will continue to use the Oracle JRE originally installed by ServiceNow. 

London Patch 8 and later includes the OpenJDK 1.8.0_181 JRE, as used in Madrid. 

Users of London Patches 0-7 can replace the Oracle JRE with our OpenJDK using these steps:
KB0745163 MID Server download packages for installing OpenJDK on Windows and Linux hosts

Customers who are using their own Oracle JRE, external to the agent folder, can switch back to using OpenJDK using these steps :
KB0719389 Switching the MID Server from an existing Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to the OpenJDK provided by ServiceNow

Madrid /
New York /
A ServiceNow build of OpenJDK 1.8.0_181 JRE is Supported and Included. 
MID Servers installed before Madrid that are still using the Oracle JRE will have it replaced by the OpenJDK JRE.
ParisOpenJDK 1.8.0_231 is likely to be included in this future release, and MID Servers will auto-upgrade to it. Check documentation nearer the time.

Release or Environment

All, although primarily in relation to MID Server JRE changes in Kingston, London and Madrid.

Additional Information

A MID Server downgraded from Madrid to an earlier version will have the JRE replaced with the Oracle one again. During Madrid testing, it was found that a Kingston MID Server running an OpenJDK based JRE inherited from Madrid will be unable to upgrade again, due to errors detecting the JRE version, and blocking the auto-upgrade process (see PRB1319796, which was fixed before Madrid GA release).

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