Updated favicon is not retained in MS Edge & IE 11 browser tab.

Favicon does not reflect in MS Edge/IE browsers after it has been changed from the OOB NOW favicon

Build information:
Kingston Patch 9, London Patch 2
Operating System - Windows 10 with MS Edge & IE Browser.

Issue Description:
If the NOW OOB favicon is replaced with a custom favicon, it does not reflect the updated favicon in MS Edge/IE.
It still shows the NOW OOB favicon.
This does not happen with Google Chrome Browser & Firefox. It works as expected.

Steps to reproduce

This needs to be tested on a Windows 10 system, and MS Edge Browser

1. Log on to any Kingston or London instances and navigate to System UI > Images
2. Upload an .ico file (you can also upload file with the following extension for favicon.gif, .png, .jpg, or .bmp.)
3. a. Navigate to System Properties > System.
3. b. In the - Icon image displayed in the bookmarks and browser address bar - field, enter the file name of the uploaded image.
3. c. Click Save.
4. Reload the page now.

Expected behavior
After the page reloads, the new favicon should reflect.
The favicon should remain constant when we click on other modules/applications

Actual behavior
Once the page is refreshed, the new favicon is displayed.
But if you click on any module ex - Incident > Create New or Assigned to me, the updated favicon is no longer displayed.

Additional Information

This is expected behavior and there is no fix.
This is a known behavior of the MS Edge/IE browser cache.

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