Changes to the Time zone from the System settings for the user interface (UI) reverts back with a new session


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  1. The client-side functionality for changing the timezone via the gear widget > General > Time zone is intended for that client/browser session only. It is not designed or intended to update the sys_user time_zone field (the User Profile field) to make the change persist.
  2. When the user logs in, the time zone is set to whatever his session time zone is supposed to be.

- If the user makes the change to the "user profile", the next time he logs in, that is the time zone that will show up in the Time zone selector.
- But, if the user sees the time zone selector, and changes it to something different from his system or profile setting, it is ONLY for that particular browser session.


To have the time zone permanently updated for a user, the user will have to modify the time zone using the sys_user record and not from the System settings for the user interface (UI)

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Last Updated:2019-06-12 15:18:04