For any list, there is an option that is available at the top of the list, to search for a string on a selected field. In List v2, this option is labeled as Go to.

By default in Out-Of-the-Box, the Go to option sorts the list by the selected field and returns records where the field value is equal to or greater than the search term. For the Number field, which is a string type field, it finds the records that have a number ending with the number that you enter.

Release or Environment

All releases.


To change this behavior so that instead of 'Greater than or equal', system search with 'contains' operator on the list, a system property(table: sys_properties ) needs to be created. Add the below property with the specifications to achieve the same.


Additional Information

As the above resolution to change this behavior is to create a system property, it will be applied across the platform on all LISTS.
The Go to filter will start working as contains operator. Hence be considerate while creating this system property. To revert the change, you can set the value to false.

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Last Updated:2020-09-08 10:55:45