Change request fields are not showing up in data picker. Some of the change form related fields are not showing up.
Fields like start_date, end_date are not present.



Please note the 'Parent' field is a reference to 'task' table, not 'change_request'. The columns mentioned Planned start date (start_date)/Planned end date (end date) are columns on the change_request table. This can be seen at the following link. Please expand the change_request table on the schema: 

<Instance name>.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=%2Fgeneric_hierarchy_erd.do%3Fsysparm_attributes%3Dtable_history%3D,table%3Dtask,show_internal%3Dtrue,show_referenced%3Dtrue,show_referenced_by%3Dtrue,show_extended%3Dtrue,show_extended_by%3Dtrue,table_expansion%3D,spacing_x%3D60,spacing_y%3D90,nocontext 

From this we can see these columns do not exist on the task table, but rather the child table change_request. In this case, from change_task you will need to dot walk through the 'Change request' field which references change_request table. 


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:58:40