This article will brief on how to hide the "New" button on the lists in Service Portal. So that "New" button is not visible only on service portal, but it will be visible for users in the back-end ( advanced view). 


In general the list data is rendered on the Service Portal via a specific list widget. In order to hide the "New" button, please follow below steps,

  1. Open the list widget in which you wanted to hide the "New" button. You can open it via going through the url,https://<InstanceName>.service-now.com/sp_instance_table.do?sys_id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Then go to "Misc" tab, set the field "Additional options, JSON format" with below option,
"show_new" : {
"displayValue" : false,
"value" : false

Applicable Versions

Any supported release.

Additional Information

Understanding Service portal widgets

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:58:52