If a user rejects an approval from Service Portal and they open the same approval record in platform view (while still having the portal page open in same session), changing the State of the approval record (then saving it) and refreshing the form will cause the State value to revert back to "Rejected" state.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Go to the OOB IT Knowledge Base - /
2. Remove all records in both the "Can Read" and "Can Contribute" related list and change the Owner field to "System Administrator"
3. Create a new knowledge article as System Administrator, save the record then click on the "Publish" button
4. In the Approvals related list, open the approval record where "Approver" is System Administrator
5. Go to Service Portal as System Administrator and open the same approval record
6. On Service Portal, reject the approval for the knowledge article created in step 3 (ensure you leave this window open)
7. Go to the approval record from step 4 in platform view and change the State to "Requested" then save the changes then refresh the form

Expected behavior: The value of State should be still "Requested" on platform view

Actual behavior: The value of State changes to "Rejected"


Set the data.op to an empty string "" in the server script of the widget after updating the record. This can be done by:

  1. In the "Approvals Info" widget, navigate to Server Script.
  2. At Line #16, add: data.op="";
  3. Save and test

Related Problem: PRB1317569

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