Sometimes you may want to give access to "CMDB Health Preferences" page to some custom rolled users or some specific users. For this you may want to check the required roles to view/edit the CMDB Health Preferences.

This article discusses the required roles for editing the health properties related to CMDB health metrics/properties/scheduled jobs.


  • The CMDB Health Preferences can be editable using the page "CMDB Health properties"  ($cmdb_health_properties)
  • This page is pulled from the backend code (angular page)
  • This page is accessible for the users with roles itil_admin OR personalize_dictionary
  • You can use either of the roles for your user/role to gain access to page "$cmdb_health_properties".
  • But still, you need to have access to update sys_properties table entries for certain properties. So, It's better adding the role itil_admin role for your intended role/user.
  • Please see CMDB health system properties for more details.

Note: Please note that if we add the itil_admin role it will give access to all its available applications. This you may want to review if it's valid or not?

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