Customers and TSEs often look for information on how to enable the 'Show email details' link which is technically known as 'Sent/Received Emails' on an Activity stream.

See image for below:



The following steps will enable you to view the 'Sent/Received Emails' in the activity stream:

1) Ensure that the following property value has the right role added so the user with the role can view the email option (Show email details)


2) The email sending property ( should be set to true. Note, it does not matter even if you see emails being sent from Email logs (sys_email), the 'Show email details' will not show unless this property is enabled.

3) If you are testing on an OOB Instance, please set an email address, eg: employee email address just for testing purposes in the system property (

4) Make sure the 'Sent/Received Emails' checkbox is ticket on the Activity Stream filter (see image in description).

Now you can test this by logging a new incident and notice the email activity is now visible in the activity stream.



Additional Information

When viewing the email information from other modules, eg: HR you might need to specify roles in the first property.

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