This article focuses on the uniqueness of any list layout if configured for any table.

List layout in a nutshell, is a "layout" to configure the default set of columns for display on any table's list view for all users (unless any user has specific personalized list view).


  • As we know, we configure list layouts via Configure > List Layout.
  • This configuration is stored in table: sys_ui_list.
  • The following are the factors involved on how specific any list layout can be (with respect to above mentioned table):
    • User field: Being empty applies the list layout for all users. (Personalized lists will have this field value referred to certain users, respectively) 
    • Table field: List layout is specific to a table.
    • View field: List layout will be specific to a view (such as Default view, Mobile view, or any custom view defined)
    • Domain field: List layout will be specific to a domain. (TOP/ACME and TOP/Cisco list layouts will be different)


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