The Work-note field on certain forms do not show up for specific users.

Other users with a similar role are able to access the Work-note field on that same form. 


One of the reasons behind the issue is not having the 'glide.ui.activity_stream.multiple_inputs' user preference not being set correctly for the particular user who is experiencing the issue.


  1. Check if the 'glide.ui.activity_stream.multiple_inputs' preference is either set as a global preference or a user specific one for the affected user.
  2. If yes, check if the value is set to 'true' or not.
  3. If no, please check by creating this preference for the affected user by following the below steps:
        a. Go to the list of user preferences under the navigator: User Administration> User Preferences.
        b. create new preference with the Name as glide.ui.activity_stream.multiple_inputs, put affected users name in the User field, Type: String and mark the Value as true.

Having 'glide.ui.activity_stream.multiple_inputs' user preference set to 'true' either through a user-specific preference or as a system preference should resolve the issue if it is due to an anomaly with the user preference applied to the affected user.

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More details on user preference can be found here:


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Last Updated:2020-08-31 10:37:32