The "MSSql DB On Windows" Pattern does not support multiple namespaces.

- It will filter all the namespaces with the name containing "ComputerManagement", that are found in "\Root\Mircosoft\SqlServer" into a table
- But it will then just use the first entry in that table.

If the environment has multiple namespaces configured, the pattern just picks the first one in the list which might not be the right namespace. This leads to not receiving other information such as the Edition.

Steps to Reproduce

Run Horizontal Discovery for MSSQL server, on an instance configured to use Patterns.


This problem is fixed in Kingston Patch 10, London Patch 3, both of which are available now, and is also fixed in Madrid and  later. Please upgrade to resolve this.

There is no official workaround, however, you could customize the pattern by adding an additional step that filters the namespace using the version. Each MSSQL version uses a specific namespace. You can refer to Microsoft documentation for more information.

Related Problem: PRB1303547

Seen In

Kingston Patch 2

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 10
London Patch 3

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