Knowledge article embedded video doesn't play when added from a video library

Steps to Reproduce

This works in Kingston but not in London

1. Navigate to knowledge and select an article.
2. Right click the Article Body, select Configure Dictionary
3. Add a new Attribute in the Attributes tab
4. Add HTML sanitize attribute and set the value to false.
5. Navigate to a published knowledge article >Article Body > In TinyMCE menu. click Insert/Modify video
6. Select Type: Video Library
Filename: Test.mp4
Click Choose File.
Select a .mp4 file. You can use the attached .mp4 file.
Click Upload.
Once uploaded, click OK.
7. Save the article
8. Click the View Article related link.

Expected Behavior: The video should be playable in the article.
Actual Behavior: The video is not playing in the article.


To workaround this issue, add the video as an attachment instead of from video library.

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Related Problem: PRB1315791

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