The type ahead search on the top banner in Service Portal does not return the matching catalog items in the drop-down list.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Launch the Service Portal on a pre-London instance.

2. Click on the Service Catalog link on the top banner.

3. Try to search for any catalog item (i.e. Standard Laptop or Apple ipad3 or New Hire) and observe the results: no matching results are shown in the drop down list.

4. Click on Browse by categories and on the "Can we help you?" category.

5. Try to search for a catalog item using the search box on the top right corner and observe the results: no matching item values are listed in the drop-down.

6. If you press enter in the search box, a message appears for no results found under Service Catalog.


This issue is fixed in London. If an upgrade is not possible yet, the workaround consists in making a simple change to the Service Catalog Search Source:


You can resolve the issue by editing line 16 of the Data Fetch Script to pass in the catalog value which is set earlier in the script, from: 
if (!catalog_item.canViewOnSearch() || !catalog_item.getFirstAccessibleCategoryForSearch()) { 

if (!catalog_item.canViewOnSearch() || !catalog_item.getFirstAccessibleCategoryForSearch(portalValue)) { 

Related Problem: PRB1244576

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Fixed In

Kingston Patch 14

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