When a variable is already mandatory and trying to set it to be not mandatory and hidden as well using g_form.setDisplay() and g_form.setMandatory() it does not work. The variable is simply not hidden.


All releases.


Caused by the order of code execution.

The g_form.setDisplay() is being invoked first while the variable is still mandatory.


Set the variable to not be mandatory first using g_form.setMandatory('variable_name', false) before making it hidden using g_form.setDisplay('variable_name', false).

When the variable is being hidden (using g_form.setDisplay()) but it's still mandatory it would not work because the system does not allow mandatory variables to be hidden as this particular use case does not make sense. The variable remains visible on the form as a result.

For example, instead of writing:

g_form.setDisplay("variable_name", false);
g_form.setMandatory("variable_name", false);

Use this instead:

g_form.setMandatory("variable_name", false);
g_form.setDisplay("variable_name", false);

Additional Information

From general DOM technical standpoint, the following are bad practices:  

  1. If a variable or a field is set as "mandatory" first then it can't be "hidden".
  2. 2. If a variable or a field is set to "hidden" first and then set to "mandatory" => then that element will be visible.

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