There are certain cases in which some breakdown combinations (first and second level) may not provide any additional information or value than would a specific individual breakdown.  An example of this might be that the Breakdown combination of City, State might give the exact same results and information as would just using City individually.  You can remove this redundant combinations from the list by use of a Breakdown Matrix Exclusion record.  Having such a record in the system will not only prevent these combinations from appearing in the scorecards, scoresheets, or widget but will also save time and processor cycles by not requiring the Data Collection job to collect data for that unneeded combination.

This article will describe how to create such a Breakdown Exclusion record.


In order to create a Breakdown Exclusion, it is required that the Indicators, Breakdowns, Breakdown Matrices, and other necessary objects have been already created.  Thus, as a prerequisite to adding a Breakdown Matrix Exclusion to a particular Indicator, the Breakdown Matrix must first be enabled for that particular Indicator.

Log into the instance with an account having admin, pa_admin, or pa_power_user permissions to the instance.

Using the Menu Navigator, browse to the following location on the instance: Performance Analytics -> Indicators.

In the menu select the type of Indicator for which the exclusion should be added (i.e. Automated Indicators or Formula Indicators).

Use the filter to locate the Indicator which is associated to the Breakdowns that should be excluded and click the information icon to the left side of the row corresponding to that Indicator to open that record for editing.

In the related lists for that record, click the tab to review the Breakdown Matrix Exclusions tab.

Click the New button associated to this related list.

In the new record form that appears, add the Breakdown combination (Breakdown and 2nd Breakdown) you want to have excluded from display and collection.

Breakdown Matrix Exception record

Note that the order in which the Breakdowns are included is irrelevant as all combinations of the two specified Breakdown records are excluded.  Thus, the example record above could have instead been specified as City for the Breakdown field and State for the 2nd Breakdown field.

Once you have populated the combination of Breakdowns to exclude, click the Submit button to save the record.

Test by opening one of the Data Collection jobs which is configured to collect this Indicator and review the top level category selected and ensure the secondarily selected Breakdown no longer appears in the secondary Breakdown list.

Additional Information

The following ServiceNow Docs site URL briefly describes procedures to create a Breakdown Matrices Exclusion for an Indicator:

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