What is the Early Release Program? 

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The Early Release Program provides existing customers the opportunity to upgrade to a version of the latest ServiceNow family release prior to Market Launch, also referred to as "General Availability" or "GA". The program is broken into two phases that work together to provide additional time to test release capabilities and the opportunity to try new features in the customer’s own environment. 

  • Phase 1: Release Testing Preview (RTP) is available at least 60 days prior to General Availability and offers a pre-release version for testing on sub-production instances 
  • Phase 2: Early Availability (EA) is available at least 45 days prior to General Availability and offers a production-ready version for upgrade on both sub-production and production environments 

Who should participate? 


  • Government Community Cloud (GCC) customers are not eligible to participate in the Early Release Program. Note: These customers rely upon the Federal Risk & Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification which will only be attributed to general availability releases.
  • Self-hosted customers are not eligible for RTP but can participate in EA - interested participants should reach out to earlyavailability@servicenow.com

How do customers participate? 

  • Customers can self-register via HI Service Catalog or Account Executives can register on their behalf. By registering for the early release program customers will be eligible to participate in both phases and will receive an e-mail to schedule their upgrade using Manage Instances upon each phases' launch. 
  • Note: To unregister/unsubscribe to the early release program please contact earlyavailability@servicenow.com.

Quebec Early Release Program Key Date:

For additional questions,  please visit program FAQs, contact your Account Executive, or  email earlyavailability@servicenow.com.

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