Build information: Jakarta patch 3

Service Portal: "Homepage Search" and "Search Page" results do not match

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to Service Portal home page.

2. Search "computer" in Homepage Search.
Notice the result in an order (see the screenshot "Homepage Search JP6)

3. Click the magnified button and go to the search page result.
Notice the order is inconsistent to the order from Homepage Search (see the screenshots "Search Page JP6_1 & 2)


This issue is fixed in the London release.


To workaround this issue, please follow the steps below:  

1. Clone the "Search Page" widget

2. Remove "orderBy:'score':true" on line 20 of the html template for the cloned widget:

3. Drag and drop the cloned "Search Page" widget to the page in Designer.
4. Search "Computer" in homepage search again and notice the order matches the Search page result

Related Problem: PRB1245160

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