A simple reference qualifier condition (e.g. on sc_cat_item table active is true) defined on a catalog item reference variable does not work in non-English languages. The results do not filter as per the reference qualifier expected condition.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Enable the wanted language internalization plugin (e.g. German).

2. Import the attached XML which will add a testvar reference variable with a simple reference qualifier condition for 'report outage' catalog item. The reference table for this variable is set to sc_cat_item and the condition set is simply active is true.

3. Ensure that some of the catalog items are false and some are true, starting with a particular alphabet. In the screenshots below one of the catalog items starting with REST is set to false, and the other one is left to true:

4. Try the 'report outage' catalog item in English, and type REST for the testvar. Notice only the active catalog item is displayed and available for selection.

5. Test the same catalog item in German and type REST for the testvar once again. This results in still both active and inactive catalog items being displayed and available for selection, so the reference qualifier condition does not work.



No workaround is applicable. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the next available patch where your instance can be upgraded.


Related Problem: PRB1307395

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London Patch 4

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