The following issues have been observed when a translated message contains single or double quotes:

  • When viewing the knowledge portal in non-English languages: the Knowledge Base's Browse widget is not shown and there is an error in the console: 'SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier'.
  • When viewing the Vendor Portal in non-English languages: Assessment requests are not displayed for languages different than English. Take Actual:assessment page is displays the message {{RemoveAttachmentMessage}}.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the Knowledge Management - Service Portal plugin
  2. Activate the I18N: Russian Translations plugin or I18N: French Translations plugin
  3. Navigate to the Knowledge Base portal "/kb"
  4. Verify the Knowledge Bases Browse widget is there.
  5. Switch your language to Russian
  6. Reload the /kb page. Observe the Knowledge Bases Browse widget is not there, and the message in the console:
    'SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier' 

In the vendor portal:

  1. Log in to any Kingston instance as a maint user.
  2. Make sure that the plugins "com.snc.vendor_portal" and "com.snc.vendor_core" are installed in your instance if not install them (check load demo data).
  3. Make sure that your instance has a second language installed. If not, install one.
  4. Impersonate a user with vendor_contact role, keep the language as English and navigate to vendor portal /vdp and the assessments list /vdp?id=vdp_assessment_list
  5. Click on one assessment from the list.
    • Everything is displayed correctly: requests are displayed under the requests tab
  6.  Switch the language to a language different than English.
  7. Navigate to /vdp?id=vdp_assessment_list and click on any item from the list.
    • Expected: the assessment requests should be displayed correctly same as for English users
    • Actual: Assessment requests are not displayed



This issue has been fixed. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix.

If you are not able to upgrade, as a temporary workaround you can replace all the occurrences of '${ by "${ in the client controller of the widgets used in your portal page. Make sure to replace the closing single quote with a double quote as well.

Related Problem: PRB1300452

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Kingston Patch 7

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