You have activated ServiceMapping plugin but the service mapping home page is blank. 


You might still be using UI15 and not UI16 

The UI16 plugin is not active.

There is a dependency for Service Mapping home page with UI16. 


Activate plugin : "com.glide.ui.ui16"

If this is a non-production instance, with admin role you should be able to activate it yourself from the plugin list.

If this is production, you will have to put in a HI request to have that plugin activated. 

Additional Information

Activating this plugin automatically forces all end-users with exception to admin users to use the new UI.

If you need to prevent this you will have to create a property and set it to 'public'. This will not prevent end-users from not getting the new UI, but it will give them the option to switch back to UI15. 

See here for more details on the property:


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:59:55