Install Status for Hardware CIs is mapped from Asset to CI, but is not mapped from CI to Asset. e.g. An Asset set to In Stock/Pending Install will update the CI install_status as Pending Install, but if that is set on the CI, the Asset is not updated to match.

The current design assumes Hardware CIs (cmdb_ci_hardware and extending classes) will only be using the Hardware Status [hardware_status] and Substatus [hardware_substatus] fields, but these do not include any of the values useful for install status, such as 'Pending Install, and so it is common for the install_status field to also be used on Hardware CIs.

For non-Hardware CI classes, this will map in both directions.

Note: Features such as Event Management and Change Management use this field for CIs that are 'In Maintenance', regardless of whether they are Hardware CIs or not, which out to be mapped to the related Asset.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Note that there is an out-of-box 'Asset CI Install Status Mapping' with Sync Direction = Both for:
    Asset State/Substate: In Stock/Pending Install <-> CI Status (install_status): Pending Install
  2. Create a new Computer CI (/, setting CI Status (install_status) as Pending Install
  3. Click through to the related asset that had been automatically created. Note that Asset State/Substate is In use/None
  4. Set that Asset State/Substate to In Stock/Pending Install and the CI will have Status (install_status) updated to Pending Install


There is no workaround at this time.

Theoretically, customizing the out-of-box AssetAndCISynchronizer script include would be possible, in order to piggy-back the additional field change on the insert/update already being done by the 'Create CI on insert' or 'Update CI fields on change' business rules. Creating a Business Rule on the asset to update the CI is not advised, as this usually leads to nested updates and recursion as the other out-of-box business rules in relation to Asset to CI synchronization will already be making updates at the same time.

Related Problem: PRB1241775

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Berlin Patch 3 Hot Fix 1
Helsinki Patch 5

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