London- Variables not cascading in Service Portal when Items (showing per view rule) contain the same variable.

If there is a variable showing in more than one item showing per view rule, those variables will not cascade.

Steps to Reproduce

1. create a single-row variable set
2. create any variable inside the variable set
3. attach the variable set to any order guide ('New hire') and to any of the catalog item present in the rule base
4. mark cascade variables true in the order guide
5. open the order guide in the Service Portal
6. clear the cache of the instance
7. fill the describe needs form and click on 'next'


1. Create a new variable for example 'orderGuideData' to store input.orderGuideData in the server side script of SC Order Guide Widget 

     var orderGuideData = input.orderGuideData;

Make the above variable assignment before guideJS.init(input.orderGuideData) function call, which is at line 33 in the server script

2. After creating 'orderGuideData' variable in step1, replace 'input.orderGuideData' variable with 'orderGuideData' in all the subsequent places after step1 in the server script

PS: If there is no edit access to the widget, then clone the widget to make the aforementioned changes

Related Problem: PRB1309689

Seen In

London Patch 1 Hot Fix 2

Fixed In

London Patch 7

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